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Mac1 Strain Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Mac1 I picked up for a $60 eighth. 

Appearance: the nugs are a base layer of forest green, with streaks of dark, hunter green, bright orange hairs. Every square millimeter is coated in thick layers of cannabinoid-rich white trichomes. 

Structure: the nugs’ size is between berry and small strawberry. They’re sticky to their core and dense. 

Aroma: a light, sophisticated sensation like a fine perfume, with notes of pine and sandalwood.

The Breakdown: I broke up 1.5 grams to tiny berries into a hemp blunt wrap with my fingertips which ended up coated in a thick sticky paste of trichomes. 

The Shared Hemp Blunt: I shared the blunt with two friends, so that was half a gram to me, and I ended up completely faced. 

The Cone to the Face: the next day, I sat down with the leftover nugs to write this review. I used a quarter-turn on my grinder to break up 0.7 grams of nugs into fluffy bits, far from coffee density, then packed the bud into a cone. 

Dry pull: a light sensation of pine, potpourri. 

Taste: my first impression of the smoke is it’s very light, not heavy at all, and smooth. The inhale has notes of floral pine, the exhale reminds me of a bit of light sandalwood, but not overpoweringly so. 

Smell: the smell of the smoke takes me back to Amsterdam coffee shops, which is funny because it doesn’t taste like any Amsterdam strains I tried when there. 

Effects: I settled in with the lit joint and my phone to watch a music video. After about three pulls and two minutes into the video, I felt a pleasant sensation in my face, which then went all over my body, then back to my face in earnest. After finishing that video and after watching another, I felt happy, fully immersed and entertained by the visuals and music, with a very pleasant full body experience. 

Overall a great batch of Mac1. 

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