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Garlic Cookies Strain Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

An eighth of Garlic Cookies I picked up from a sesh in NYC for $75.

Bag Appeal: The eighth’s custom mylar bag has a cute garlic & cookie logo, the vendor’s name, and their IG. The bud is coated in crystals and is a rainbow of cannabis colors: purples, oranges, and dark greens. 

Smell: The bud’s gassy aroma fills the area quickly, and exudes notes of pine, spices, and fruit. 

Taste: I ground and packed a gram in a cone, and lit up. The first pull was smooth with notes of spicy ginger and turmeric.

Effect: After the first pull, I felt a pleasant headchange, and after three pulls I got goosebumps and a warm sensation in my arms and legs. I felt a happy feeing that lasted well into the evening. 

Conclusion: Considering all of the positives above, this is a top shelf flower. Would buy again. 

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