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Apple Cinnamon Strain Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Some Apple Cinnamon I picked up for the rate of about $15.62 an eighth (I bought more than an eighth).

Appearance: Visible crystals from a foot away.

Light greens with some yellow-green shades. Some flecks of purple and orange colors upon closer inspection.

Structure: about medium density. Not too dense not too loose. Fills up a bag nicely.

Aroma: Herbal musk with notable dampness/dankness.

The breakdown: The core of the buds are sticky, and they break down easily.

Dry pull: Herbal, piney, rosemary.

Smoke: Herbal first pull. Has a definite nose to it, I can sense a pleasant aroma off the exhale, hard to describe but definitely nice. Second hit- smooth. Residual sensations of rosemary on the palette. Still really pleasant after several pulls. Similar mouthfeel to way more expensive strains.

Effects: Halfway through the joint I felt waves of muscle relaxation, more focus on what I was working on, a pleasant full-skull buzz, and a deeper appreciation for the music I was listening to.

Conclusion: This is a tremendous strain for the price, or at any price, would smoke again.

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