Berry OG Strain Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Berry OG from “Vendor R”. This went for the rate of an eighth for $12.50 (I bought more than an eighth).

Appearance: Forest green buds featuring bright orange hairs and plenty of crystals. 

Density: Medium-sized buds, when somewhat compressed feel sticky. 

Smell: Gassy, with notes of pine and potpourri. 

Taste: I ground a couple nugs into a cone and took a dry pull. I noted candy, Starburst maybe. The smoke is smooth with notes of tea and cumin. 

Effect: After concentrating on the taste for three pulls, I realized my face was tingling, then my shoulders. After half the joint I had a full body experience and some moderate couch lock. 

Conclusion: Great all around strain. Would buy again. 

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