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"Crumble" THC Cannabis Extract Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A gram of crumble THC cannabis extract. I paid $25.

Appearance & Consistency: sticky, shiny, bright yellow grains. It glistens in the sunlight. Loading the dab tool with a small to medium dab is fairly easy. I wouldn’t  try to load too fat of a dab, as the crumble isn’t dense, and you’ll have trouble keeping all the grains stuck together on your dab tool. 

Taste: the inhale pulled smoothly, with almost no flavor. The hold brought on notes of cinnamon and cumin. The exhale left a tingle on the palate, with little to no aftertaste. 

Effect: the first hit brought on a light euphoria, and a soothing sensation in my muscles. The second hit left me with waves of deep relaxation, followed by a long session of creative thinking and doing. 

Conclusion: this crumble is an A1 extract and a tremendous value. Would buy again.

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