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Rosin THC Cannabis Extract Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A gram of rosin. I paid $25. See our Rosin page for more details on what Rosin is.

Appearance & Consistency: the rosin’s shimmering brown color shows this is a whole plant extract. It’s sticky, allowing for an easy dabber load.

Taste: I loaded my dabber and took a hit. The draw was creamy, with only a light tickle on the palate. While holding the hit for a moment, I caught notes of toasted apricot. The exhale was smooth and the light aftertaste was aromatic and spicy. 

Effect: After the first inhale while I held the vapors for a moment, I immediately felt a pleasant sensation wave over my body. After the second hit, I felt my muscles relax, a warm sensation all over, and a happy, creative feeling. 

Conclusion: I had high hopes for this rosin and it didn’t disappoint. An effective extract at a fair price. 

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