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"Vendor R" Vape Cartridge Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

"Vendor R" one gram vape cartridge, picked this up for $20.

Appearance: the cart came in a branded white cardboard box, complete with logos, slogans, IG profiles, and even a California cannabis warning. The golden oil only has a tiny bubble, which doesn’t move even when shaking the cartridge. The wooden tip gives the cart a nice design flourish; I find wooden tips great for beginners or even seasoned vape users who may thoughtlessly bite the tip while hitting the cartridge, as the wood is more forgiving to the teeth than plastic or metal.

Taste: I set my vape to low and took a slow, medium-sized hit. The vapor hit my tongue and pallet smoothly. I let the vapor cool a bit in my mouth and inhaled, I felt a mild throat tingle, but with no need to cough, then exhaled, which was also smooth. Very little, not unpleasant aftertaste. 

Effect: After the first exhale, I felt the muscles in my head near my temples relax. After three pulls I felt warm with mild tingling in my arms and legs, with a pleasant headchange leaving me with the typical “high” feeling; I couldn’t help but smile.

Conclusion: From the box the cart came in, to the cart itself to the taste and effect, the $20 price makes this cart a tremendous value, especially here in NYC. Kudos to the whole "Vendor R" team.

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