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Pink Runtz Cannabis Flower

Pink Runtz cannabis flower. I got it as a gift, but it retails for $70 an eighth.

Appearance: Trichomes on trichomes, oh my! Beautiful bud structure, nice variegated greens, and orange pistils.

Aroma: Moist, floral, potpourri pine.

Breakup: Sticky-icky-icky! It clogs up my grinder at first!

Taste: Savory artichoke with a smooth finish and pleasant aftertaste.

Effects: I lit up at night about an hour after taking a dab, so I wasn’t just-woke-up sober, but my tolerance runs high, so I was ready to get stoned again. A few hits into my joint, I felt a headchange, pressure behind my forehead, and I was able to listen to music more deeply and with more enjoyment. The high from the 0.8 gram joint lasted three hours, which is very long for me.

Conclusion: The ticket is high but worth it for those who can afford it. I love the effects, definitely recommend!

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