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Never Say Never Cannabis Flower Review

Never Say Never cannabis flower. An eighth retails for $90 in NYC.

Grower and retailer: @redstarognyc

Type: Indica

Appearance: Zaza! As the kids call high-grade “exotic” flower here in NYC. The greens are so dark that without bright LEDs and photographic magnification, the flower looks purple. Lots of other variegated greens and purple pistils. Bag appeal!

Aroma: Strong musty fragrant cologne. This bag is loud!

Taste: A pleasant taste of savory fruit, if there is such a thing. Definitely a musty fruitiness to it.

Effects: This strain gets me higher faster than any I’ve smoked in a long time. I smoked a .8g joint and felt so creative and productive, I broke out the lightbox and took the pictures for this review, then wrote it up. The high lasted two hours, which is an eternity for flower for my tolerance.

Conclusion: From the look to the taste to the effects, this is a knockout worthy of cannabis competitions. The ticket is high, but that’s attributable to the massive and insatiable demand for cannabis in New York City. Zaza ain’t cheap here!

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