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Mac1 Strain Review

Mac1 cannabis flower. I picked up an eighth for $60.

Grower and retailer: @redstarognyc @losgunna_

Appearance: Trichomes on trichomes! This one smacked my eyes when I first opened the bag. Even the stem has big trichs! All colors expected from top shelf cannabis present: variegated greens, orange pistils, white trichomes, and even some dark purples. Bag appeal!

Aroma: Musty, and minty to the point I’m reminded of mint mouthwash or toothpaste, quite unique to my nose. Very pleasant. The smell is extremely potent, I can get several whiffs off the bag and each is just as strong as the first. I wish I could get this strain’s smell as a scented candle!

Consistency: Dense and sticky. Almost feels like taffy or a slightly softer starburst candy.

Taste: Pure terps. A very light floral inhale, but the entire hit is completely smooth, without a hint of harshness. Allowing the smoke to linger a couple seconds reveals an explosion of floral gassy flavors. The exhale is as smooth as the inhale. Overall, a tasty and easy smoke.

Effects: I rolled a small nug into a .25 gram joint to sample the flavor, planning on smoking more out of my bong to review effects. I was quite high before the end of the mini-joint, so high in fact, I decided to scrap the bong hits. I feel a strong body high, especially in my legs, arms, and forehead. The effects are as strong and pleasant as cultivars by award-winning growers.

Conclusion: By NYC standards, this strain is a steal for the ticket. It allows one to economize their consumption by smoking minimal quantities for maximum effect. I’ll be buying more!

Music by @losgunna_ x @sheeklouch - You Know Me, go stream that! @losgunna_ is the owner of @redstarognyc, he’s a grower, extractor, and rapper!

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