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Jack Frost CBG Strain Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Jack Frost CBG hemp flower by Industrial Hemp Farms of Colorado Springs

Testing: 15.11% CBGA (Cannabigerol-A)

Indoor grow

Hemp extractors are increasingly marketing extracts featuring the cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG) to consumers. PrimeMyBody LLC, an English hemp extract manufacturer, recently published a press release describing a study using their FOCUS Mind & Body Hemp extract in which they conducted memory and cognition tests on 70 NFL players with cognition issues due to the repetitive blows to the head they receive, with many NFL players who participated publicly stating they benefitted from the extract, claiming cognition and memory improvements soon after having ingested it.

I read this press release and was intrigued. The FOCUS hemp extract used in the study doesn’t appear to be publicly available, so I Googled the next best thing: CBG Hemp flower. I found Industrial Hemp Farms' website, from which I ordered a half-ounce of this Jack Frost for $62 shipped.

Appearance: Dark greens to light greens, lots of orange pistils/hairs, with the cannabinoid-rich crystal-like trichomes visible from a foot away.

Structure: Medium density, lots of tiny leaves in the flowers, along with orange pistils.

Aroma: I’ve never smelled anything like this, folks. It’s a very pleasant aroma, like fresh moist pine, not exactly like a Christmas tree, but something like that.

Breakdown: dry, not sticky at all, not much moisture detectable on the inside of the nug either.

Dry pull: fresh moist apples.

Smoke: Like the aroma, the smoke is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I enjoyed the flavor and mouthfeel. I can only assume the terpenes in this strain are fairly unique compared to THC-dominant cannabis.

Effects: The morning I wrote this review, I hadn’t slept enough the night before, so I was experiencing some mild cognition and memory issues, like a couple of instances of short term memory loss, and confusion. By the fourth hit or so, while writing, I felt a quick wave of sensation within my brain, and immediately felt a bit more clear in what I was writing, and felt a bit more focused on what I was doing, with more purpose and passion. After a few hits, I sat down to do some work, while puffing on the joint. About halfway through the joint, I felt waves of relaxation throughout the muscles on my skull. By the end of the joint, I felt extremely relaxed, with a pleasant sensation all throughout the muscles of my body.

Conclusion: I’m such a big fan, I’m considering getting a Magical Butter machine to create extractions with this flower.

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