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Bubba Kush Strain Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Bubba Kush cannabis flower. I picked up an ounce for $100.

Appearance: Kief on kief on kief! These nugs are plastered with off-white trichomes, to the point the nugs almost look like moonrocks.

Aroma: Straight PAPAYA! It definitely smells fruity, moist papaya being the closest smell I can associate with this strain’s aroma profile.

Taste: On my first inhale, I detected a moment of fruity sweetness, with pleasant earthy tones after that, and a smooth mouthfeel, not harsh at all.

Effects: After a few tokes, I felt a pleasant mood change, feeling more relaxed, creative and comfortable. Halfway through the joint, I felt a nice warm sensation throughout my body. The high lasted two hours, which is very long for me, as my tolerance runs high.

Conclusion: I’ve never seen such dense trichomes like this, almost moonrock-like, and the smell, taste and effects are on point. A tremendous value for the money.

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